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  • GPS locating, managing and security system for vehicles, motorcycles, boats and persons.
  • From any Internet connection, you will be able no know the exact location, the routes taken, the lengths of time, stops, speed, etc.
  • No need for any investment whatsoever in computer equipment or software.
  • A versatile and secure tool (access passwords) which offers, in a highly intuitive way, complete tracking and management functions.


Customer service
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Fleet management
  • From large fleets to sales staff.
  • Applications and integration with peripherals for each function.
  • Reduction of costs and deadlines.
  • Security system.
  • Increase in producivity.
Locating and tracking
  • Location and tracking in real-time.
  • Alerts due to excessive speed, prolonged stops, unusual temperatures, etc...
  • Recording and transfers of routes.
  • Management in the event of theft.